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Private Generative AI With Your Own Data

FruGPT is the first AI platform to focus on security, privacy and revenue generation for copyright holders.

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How FruGPT works

Get started in 3 easy steps.


1. Set Up Your AI Project

Begin by creating a new AI Project on FruGPT. This is your first step towards leveraging AI with your data.


2. Upload and Train

Upload files or ingest YouTube videos to your project. FruGPT will then train your AI enabling it to learn from and understand your content.


3. Interact with Your AI

Once the AI training is complete, start engaging with your AI. Ask questions related to your content and get instant, accurate responses.

For a visual guide on how to use FruGPT, you can check out our video tutorial.

FruGPT's Top Features

Interactive AI

Engage with your data like never before. Ask your AI questions and get instant, accurate responses.

Collaborative Platform

Invite your team members to interact with your AI and collaborate on projects for a unified approach.

Insights and Reporting

Understand how your projects are performing with in-depth reporting and valuable insights. Track your interactions and gain a deeper understanding of your data.

Discover Projects

Make your private projects Discover projects. You'll then earn revenue based on usage. Share your insights with the world and monetize your data.

Seamless Integration

Integrate FruGPT with your existing systems with ease. Make FruGPT a part of your workflow without any hassle.

Supports Multiple Formats

FruGPT supports documents, images, and even YouTube videos. Diversify the knowledge base of your AI.

24/7 Availability

FruGPT is available round the clock. Get insights from your data anytime, anywhere.

User-friendly Interface

FruGPT is designed to be easy to use. Manage your projects and interact with your AI without any technical hurdles.

Secure and Private

Your data is safe with FruGPT. We prioritize your privacy and ensure that your data is secure.

Enterprise Features Available Today

Try for free

Full access. No credit card required. FruGPT is used by over 1,000 companies.


User Management

Manage your team's access and roles within FruGPT. Maintain control and ensure the right people have access to the right information.


Priority Support

Get priority support from our team. We're here to help you get the most out of FruGPT. Our team is available 12/7 to assist you with any AI related questions that you may have.


Flexible Plan Options

Choose a plan that best fits your needs. FruGPT offers a range of plans, from free access to premium options. Each plan is designed to provide various levels of access to private GPT4, different chat limits, a varying number of unique projects, compute credits for AI training, and different levels of support.


Credit Tracking

Keep track of your credit usage within FruGPT. Stay updated on your consumption and manage your resources effectively. This transparency allows you to plan and budget your operations better.


Seamless Reporting

Get comprehensive reports with a seamless user interface. Visualize your data and insights with interactive charts for an intuitive understanding of your operations.

Designed to Empower Your Data Interactions

Outstanding results from the leading AI platform


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#1 in AI Revenue Generation

FruGPT is the first AI platform to focus on revenue generation for content creators

Enhanced Insights

On demand generative AI with only your data.

Real-life Results and Revenue

See how companies like yours have transformed their operations with FruGPT


Mike Bosworth Sales Philosopher


Customer Centric Selling with Hyper-AI Personalization

Mike Bosworth leveraged FruGPT's Discover project to enable enterprise teams to interact with his knowledge via AI.

Mike Bosworth

Best Selling Author


WeConcile Relationship Guidance


Personalized AI Relationship Guidance

WeConcile used FruGPT's AI to provide guidance on relationship dynamics and personal growth. This has led to increased user engagement and a better understanding of their content among users.

Jennifer Lehr

LMT, A Leader in Relationship Building

Create Your Own AI

Use your own data to have secure generative AI chats

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