About FruGPT

Putting the "fair" into fair use for creators

About FruGPT

We created FruGPT™ to enable the generation of private AI experiences. Creators then enable generative AI chats with their readers, subscribers, and fans. Business keep those chats private for their teams.

How to use

With FruGPT, you're able to create your own personalized AI trained with your own content. You can then keep your AI private or monetize it.


FruGPT: Launched in 2023 - 20 years in the making

FruGPT represents an advancement in the ability of individuals and business to use their private data via generative AI chats. Further, businesses and individuals are able to monetize their AI through Fru. By enabling a customized, and private, or very public approach towards AI creation it introduces monetiization of your data through AI.

What really sets FruGPT apart is its ability to easiely create completely personalized chat bots with only the data selected. FruGPT then takes it to the next level and gives the creator of the AI the option of monetizing their AI.

Monetizing is great. What's even better is when subscribers, fans, and other users have amazing life changing experiences with your AI.

Our founder is an attorney by trade. This concept of leveraging copyright through new technology is not a new one. Yet, we believe FruGPT is the first to offer this revenue generating model. The intersection of the legal and technology sectors becomes more intriguing when we acknowledge the founder’s strong commitment to upholding the rights of copyright holders, particularly in the rapidly evolving domain of generative AI. This is particularly fascinating because the world of AI has often been a subject of concern for those in creative fields, who fear that their work could be duplicated or replaced without due credit or compensation.

The founder’s legal background has imparted upon the development of FruGPT a clear intent to make certain the rights and interests of content creators are preserved. His vision is to position FruGPT not only as an AI innovation with superior functionality but also as an avenue for those holding copyrighted works to benefit from all the potential that generative AI brings. This intent significantly shapes FruGPT’s modus operandi, setting it apart from many other AI systems.

This unique tie-in embodies the founder's vision to merge creativity with technology while still prioritizing and protecting original content. Ensuring that creators can profit from their hard work - even when transposed into the AI realm - is a testament to the sustainability and ethical constructs laid out in building FruGPT.

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