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FruGPT: Youtube Creators Earn AI Revenue With Your Content

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FruGPT: AI Revenue with your YouTube Content

FruGPT’s novel AI features enable your subscribers to have generative AI chat with you and your content! Fru extends your reach by enabling generative AI content that is trained on your data. Unlike the big AI platforms that trained their models on your data without paying you, we want you to earn money with AI.

See how FruGPT enables YouTubers an AI platform to provide generative chats to their subscribers

With FruGPT you’ll provide a unique service to your subscribers and you’ll earn revenue on those generative AI chats.

Examples of Creators Using AI to Make Extra Revenue on YouTube Content

Sales Knowledge Example of AI

Mike Bosworth is an author and sales guide using AI.

Mike created his own AI on FruGPT. Anytime someone uses his AI, Mike gets paid. Here’s a link to Mike’s private AI: Mike Bosworth Sales Philosopher.

Health Care Example of Using AI is a source of eyecare information. They uploaded their content to FruGPT and turned on the Discover project feature. Now, anytime someone uses their AI, they get paid. Try out’s eyecare specific AI:

Relationship Advice for Couples Using AI

WeConcile is a comprehensive resource for couples. Created by a therapist Jennifer Lehy, she trained her AI on FruGPT. Now, anytime someone uses her AI, she’ll earn revenue from it, and the couple will benefit. It’s a win-win setup. Try out WeConcile’s AI here: WeConcile.

Quick Setup

  1. Claim your channel (search to find it. If you don’t have a channel created yet you can create it by signing up.)
  2. Adjust your Channel Description.
  3. Ensure the project is set as “Discover”
  4. Get setup to get paid.
  5. Promote your FruGPT AI.

Accretive Revenue off of your YouTube Content

FruGPT allows you to maximize revenue that you make off of prior videos. By training your AI on your old videos and content you’re able to bring new life and new revenue to your channel.

Introducing FruGPT: AI Revenue Generation While Leveraging Your Copyrights

FruGPT is an innovative platform designed to revolutionize the revenue dynamics for YouTube creators. By leveraging FruGPT, creators earn revenue from their previous videos, unlocking a substantial passive income stream. This is possible thanks to FruGPT’s unique AI features that enable your subscribers to have generative AI chat with you!

Start an AI Revenue Stream with FruGPT

FruGPT enables you to earn AI revenue off of your YouTube content.

Getting Set Up on FruGPT

To quickly get set up on FruGPT, follow these steps:

  1. Claim your channel by visiting
  2. If your channel was already created it’ll get transferred quickly. If isn’t already created we’ll send you a quick link to make it happen.

Maximize Your YouTube Earnings with FruGPT

FruGPT not only provides a seamless way to earn from your previous YouTube videos, but it also enhances your audience’s experience. To maximize your earnings you can promote your AI in your future videos and in your video descriptions. The more generative chats that happen on your content the more you earn.

FruGPT offers the first solution for YouTube creators looking to maximize their revenue with AI. By breathing new life into new and older content and implementing a direct payment system for usage, FruGPT amplifies the earning potential for YouTube creators. Why let your precious content lay dormant or get stolen from other AI bots when it still can be a goldmine? Get started with Fru today and unlock the true potential for your YouTube content!

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