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How pricing works on FruGPT: It's Usage Based

#ai#private-ai#youtube ai Pricing: 100% Usage-Based. No Subscription Fees.

There are only two ways you can be charged on FruGPT:

  1. Active Chatting:
  1. Training Your Own AI:

What else do I have to pay for to have my own private AI?

Nothing. We’re making this as easy as possible.

Can you help me train my own AI?

Yes. During our initial launch we are available to help you train your AI. Click on the chat button and we’ll get you set up.

How do authors, YouTubers, and others that have content make money on FruGPT?

FruGPT’s mission is protecting creators while providing an amazing experience for their subscribers. Anytime there is a chat with a project the creator earns a large portion of that revenue.

If you are chatting with your favorite author on FruGPT it’d cost you a few dollars. A large portion of that revenue passes through to the authors. The exact amount depends on total usage so FruGPT can cover our costs. The more usage the more that can pass through.

This seems like a win-win for users, creators, and FruGPT

Yes, our goal is creating a win-win for users, creators, and of course our team. If it’s not please let us know. We’re here to provide a great experience for users while allowing creators to earn on their copyrighted works.

What’s the Cost of FruGPT if I Want to Chat with My Favorite Author

Typical chats with your favorite celebrity cost around $1. If the author has a significant volume of work or if the YouTube creator has many videos the cost may be a little higher.

How do I get started?

  1. Create your account at
  2. Once complete, click on “Discover.”
  3. In the Discover section, find someone you’d like to chat with and click on “Join.” Joining is free and helps the chat owner (authors, celebrities, YouTubers, etc.) gauge the popularity of their channel.
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