Creators Earn $ via Their Own AI

Fru™ is your private and secure GPT4+ chat that is trained securely with your own data! You can keep your AI private and secure or you can Share it and earn revenue off of your written and video works.

AI Revenue for Creators

Unlock revenue generation for YouTube creators and authors to extend your copyrights into the AI generation.

Bring Your Works

Bring your written or spoken works and we'll train an AI model for you.

2 minute onboarding

The easiest onboarding ever. Two minutes until you're working with your owned AI chat bot.

Copyright Extender

You retain the copyright on new works.

Subscriber AI Chat

Create an AI bot based on your YouTube Videos

AI Chat for Authors

Create AI for your readers. Earn on the chats.

Creators Earn $ with AI

Earn $ with every chat interaction with your content.

Works with your technologies

AI Revenue for Creators

Extend your copyrights to AI

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