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iQ Studios is dedicated to enriching public understanding concerning Artificial Intelligence (AI), Collective Intelligence, and the advancing development in Planetary Intelligence. Our aim is to ensure people comprehensively grasp the significant opportunities as well as potential hazards these technologies hold for humanity. In doing so, we believe informed decisions can be made, magnifying the probability of beneficial consequences. Headed up by Dr. Craig A. Kaplan, our founder and current CEO, a renowned authority in AI and collective intelligence, iQ Studios offers select consulting services through our parent company - the iQ Company. FruGPT, an AI venture of ours, pioneers in helping creators monetize their operations. Ensuring creators receive their deserved remuneration, FruGPT taps into cutting-edge Fru's AI technology, fostering a rewarding creative landscape.

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iQStudios AI Chatbot

iQStudios AI Chatbot is a virtual assistant designed to provide information about iQ Studios, a platform dedicated to enriching public understanding about Artificial Intelligence (AI), Collective Intelligence, and Planetary Intelligence. The chatbot can provide insights about the company's founder, its ventures like FruGPT, and its aim to ensure people understand the opportunities and hazards of these advancing technologies.

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    iQStudios FAQ's

    How to start using FruGPT?

    To start having AI chats with this project simply join, complete the registration, and then chat! It's that simple.

    Is FruGPT paid or free?

    As a new user, you will be given $5 free credit to chat. After the trial you pay and support the content creators! By using FruGPT's AI with your favorite content creators and author's works you'll be supporting them directly.

    FruGPT Supports Authors & Creators

    FruGPT's mission is allowing copyright holders to earn revenue off of their AI while providing an amazing experience for individuals that want to interact with that content.

    What content does the chatbot can help me with?

    The iQStudios AI Chatbot helps users by answering their queries about the channel's content, including video summaries and their underlying themes. It can provide information about AI development, safety measures, the role of collective intelligence, and the importance of human involvement in shaping AI. It can also provide insights about the company's perspective on AI ethics, the risks and benefits of AI technology, and the call for responsible AI development.

    FruGPT Supports This Creator

    At FruGPT, authors and publishers develop customized AI models using their copyrighted materials. These personalized AI models serve as a source of income for the authors. When these trained AI models are presented to readers as highly personalized dialogic AI experiences, the authors, or the copyright owners, generate revenue from these interactions.

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