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The TWIML Community represents a global platform for devotees of machine learning, deep learning, and AI, from practitioners to enthusiasts. Using FruGPT's AI, we ensure creators receive earnings from their innovations.\ \ We provide continuous educational offerings. Our study groups cover numerous esteemed ML/AI courses, such as Deep Learning, Machine learning, NLP, Stanford CS224N,, among others. Besides, we have clusters of special interest groups which discuss subjects like Swift for Tensorflow and participation in Kaggle contests.\ \ You can find reviews of all our courses, study groups and meetups on this channel, plus much more! For details about how to join or host...

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TWIML Community AI Assistant

The TWIML Community AI Assistant is a chatbot developed to assist users in navigating and understanding the vast content available on the TWIML Community YouTube channel. The channel is dedicated to machine learning, deep learning, and AI, offering recaps of courses, study groups, meetups, and other educational programs.

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    TWIML Community FAQ's

    How to start using FruGPT?

    To start having AI chats with this project simply join, complete the registration, and then chat! It's that simple.

    Is FruGPT paid or free?

    As a new user, you will be given $5 free credit to chat. After the trial you pay and support the content creators! By using FruGPT's AI with your favorite content creators and author's works you'll be supporting them directly.

    FruGPT Supports Authors & Creators

    FruGPT's mission is allowing copyright holders to earn revenue off of their AI while providing an amazing experience for individuals that want to interact with that content.

    What content does the chatbot can help me with?

    The AI assistant can provide quick summaries of videos, guide users to specific topics of interest such as Deep Learning, Machine learning, NLP, Stanford CS224N,, and more. It can also provide insights on specific discussions such as the use of ensemble models, strategies for running code on multiple GPUs, and considerations for Kaggle competitions. Furthermore, the chatbot can answer questions about the community, its programs, and how to join or host.

    FruGPT Supports This Creator

    At FruGPT, authors and publishers develop customized AI models using their copyrighted materials. These personalized AI models serve as a source of income for the authors. When these trained AI models are presented to readers as highly personalized dialogic AI experiences, the authors, or the copyright owners, generate revenue from these interactions.

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